The site is currently in Beta

MMOmOm was created to help friends out and serve as a WoW home page.

There are many great WoW resources, and it can be difficult to gather all the useful info about characters.

We also wanted a simpler interface without ads and videos, especially for fellow gamers with accessibility needs and to prevent sensory overload for them.

Initial goals

  • Accessible & Neuroinclusive design
  • Help you figure out what to do this week/reset
  • Track a list of characters, e.g. to organize mythic plus runs
  • A character centric portal, bringing in and linking to other resources


There are many features planned and we'd love to hear from you about what you think would be useful.

  • PvP info
  • Classic support (if people ask)
  • Configurable star count interpretation


Thank you to Blizzard, Warcraft Logs and Raider.io for source data!